A twelve sylabble word that has spoilt many relationships.

Is it really wrong to believe in a forever with someone? I am writing this with a heavy heart maybe my heart is broken. Maybe I read many novels and that’s why I have many expectations.

The knight in a black armour, is all this overated ? Maybe I live in fantasy ,but is it wrong to dream ?Why does it hurt ?

Sometimes I just comfort myself that if something was really meant to be mine it will always come back .Patience is a virtue that’s what people say and I somehow believe so. Maybe I am too young to understand relationships…maybe I dream a lot…and maybe it is not really love maybe infatuation.

The only thing that hurts is the constant fantasy and the emotional attachment that comes with relationships. We all make mistakes .I am a strong believer in second chances but what if someone you love or infatuated with won’t give a second chance?

I don’t know what to believe anymore.will u rather tell the truth and hurt someone or tell a lie and make someone happy?

Please let me see ur views in the comment section maybe I will get a solution and I for once stop being an emotional mess😭😭😭.

Good old times

I just remembered of a certain day when I was young.I live in the village and I love it here…waking up with the sound of birds chirping,the cock crowing and fresh air.In the village u sometimes don’t need a watch 😄.

It was this fateful day …I woke up and did all my chores .It was a normal day or so I thought.I was just sitted in my room with a cup of tea when I heard some shouts.The funny thing is that it was my dad😅.My dad is a strict parent and he is a bit stingy (sorry to say.)

I rushed out and I find my dad staring at the sky…looking up I spot a hawk with my dad’s favourite chick clasped tightly on it’s claws .( Not again ) I said to myself . I knew he won’t let it pass .He calls my siblings and commands us to follow the hawk . Bring back my chick he says and heads inside.

We start running all over the village shouting at the hawk to let go of the chick. People were staring ,kids running with us trying to help.I thought dad studied Biology … surely he should know about the food chain .

I can’t go back home now so we just run after the hawk and as if sensing our trouble the hawk releases the chick. The damage is there but at least we got his favorite chick back.

My older brother caries it home triumphantly.You should have seen the smile on my dad’s face .He goes on congratulating us for being fast and rescuing the chick.

I get back to my room and my cup of tea is now cold .I still need it so I take a gulp and sigh .What a crazy day😅😅.

Behind the smile

Sometimes we all hide our troubles and all our insecurities behind a mask…and the mask is a well lit smile.

We do this just to assure the people around us that we are okay that everything is normal. We can’t lie to ourselves though coz the pain is always there. It is always present when we are alone hidden in a corner .All we do is cry when the memories are vivid .Sometimes I say that we all pass through hard times just to be strong. That time heals all wounds.I am writing this to assure anyone who is going through a tough time that it is okay to cry and that with time everything will be okay.